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Wednesday 20th January – Year 3

Well done for working so hard yesterday. We are really proud of how well you are doing with your home learning. Keep it up!

Your target for today is to make sure that your work is presented as neatly as you would present it in school.

Here is today’s timetable.


Zoom Calls

There are 3 zoom calls scheduled throughout the day and these will happen at the same time every day. These Zoom calls are for when you need support with your work so you do not need to join the call if you are getting on ok. I have recorded some videos to help you with your work today so please use these when mentioned in this document.

10:00 Zoom meeting


Meeting ID: 956 8563 7997

Passcode: 4d4MKD

11:30 Zoom meeting


Meeting ID: 922 0282 7726

Passcode: 44ZKns

2:15 Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 929 8025 7859

Passcode:   k5xjZc


  1. Pyramid words
  2. Can you include 3 of the words in one sentence?
  3. Ask an adult to test you on 5 of the spellings.


Today in SPAG, you will be applying your knowledge of punctuation to correct sentences. Think carefully about the punctuation needed in the following sentences: speech sentence, question sentence, sentence of 3, exclamation sentence.

What an amazing day  
how old are you  
The dog jumped over the gate raced down the road and barked loudly  
What would you like for tea asked Daniel.      


Today, we will be continuing with speech sentences. You will be writing your own speech sentences based on what Tranio and Livia might say as they escape a tsunami.    

Watch the video and then complete the activity.
For each of the images below, write one speech sentence for Tranio and one for Livia.  


Maths Meeting
In today’s maths meeting, you will be adding tens to 2 digit numbers.

Did you notice that in these examples only the tens change? Now try the calculations below:

3. 78 + 20

4. 65 + 30

5. 45 + 40

6. 28 +60

Today in maths, you will be continuing to mentally calculate. You will be adding 3 digit numbers to 2 digit numbers. You will not be crossing hundreds boundaries.
Watch the video below and then complete the questions.

Maths Challenge:

A 3 digit number is added to a 2 digit number. The answer is 389.

Can you find all of the possible calculations?

3__3 + __0 = 393


Today is our reciprocal reading session.
Task 1
Read the text below. Try to read it aloud with expression like we do in reciprocal reading.

Task 2

Clarify the words;

Task 3
Write 2 sentence to summarise the story so far.


WOW, I was really impressed with your rock sorting last week. I hope you all had fun collecting rocks. Lots of you also watched the video and were able to tell me about the 3 different types of natural rock.
The sheet below is here to remind you of the three natural rock types, igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.

We will be using these 3 rock types again today and will also be learning about man-made rocks.
Task 1
I would like you to read the information below about human-made rocks and write a sentence to summarise.

Here are some examples of different rocks. Some are a little difficult to read so if you prefer you can research your own examples of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks or use the names of the ones below to find out more.

Task 2
I would like you to sort rocks into the four groups, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic and human-made. You can use the rocks that are mentioned in this pack or you can research for yourself. You can record your work on the sheet below or draw a table of your own

Task 3
I would like you to think of some of the ways that rocks are used and what properties make it suitable for that use. The link below may help.

Complete the table to show what you have learned. I have included an example below to get you started.


Name of rockUse of rockType of rockWhich properties make it suitable?
SlateRoof TilesMetamorphicImpermeable (doesn’t let water soak through)
Splits easily into thin sheets

Task 4 (optional)
If you still have the rocks that you collected last week, you could investigate with them. Here are some things to investigate;
1.     Place each rock in a bowl of water. Which rocks float and which sink?
2.     Sprinkle water on the rocks. Which rocks are permeable? (let water soak through them)
3.     Rub the rocks against each other. Which rocks are friable? (easily crumbled)
Can any of the rocks be used to write on the pavement?

Enjoy a story from home or use the following link to download a free eBook to enjoy.
Which story have you been enjoying at home? We would love to hear about the stories you share.
Well done for completing today’s home learning. We are sure that you have all worked very hard. Please remember to ask an adult to send us pictures of your work so we can see how you have been getting on.
Mrs Porter and Mrs Brodie

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