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Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning Year 2, I hope you are all up and ready for another day of learning. Did you look at the Mental Health Week activities on Marvellous Me yesterday? Remember it is really important to look after yourself, your health is much more important than doing work. If you are feeling down or fed up, do something that you enjoy and take a break from your work.

I just want to take this opportunity to say how proud I am of you, I know I tell you this weekly but I REALLY am so proud of how you have all adapted to this new way of learning. You are absolutely amazing!

Your timetable for today…



Read your weekly spellings below. After you have read them, I want you to write them out in rainbow writing. You need to use three coloured pencils. Write the original word in one colour, the double consonant letter or the i in another colour and the suffix in a final colour. Look at my example below to help you.


Image preview


In English today you are going to start writing a setting description using your plan from yesterday. I don’t expect you to finish it today, we are just going to make a start. Watch the video below and I will explain what you are going to be doing and show you my example.

Look at the skills below and try to include everyone of them in your writing.

  • Sentence of 3 – use a comma and and
  • Powerful verbs and adverbs – floating mysteriously
  • Noun phrase – creepy, dark cave
  • Conjunctions – when, because, if, so, and, after, while
  • Similes – as white as snow

Here is a reminder of the picture we used to create our setting. What is at the other side of the light? Remember it is a world of your choice.

See the source image


Start your Maths session by completing the Maths Meeting below.

5 + ____ = 11
7 + ____ = 15
4 + _____ = 9
17 + _____ = 24
21 + _____ = 30

To find the missing numbers, you can use the inverse operation. If I had to complete 3 + ____ = 12, I could do 12 – 3 to find the answer. Another way I could do it would be to count on from 3 until I get to 12.

In Maths today, we are going to continue looking at how to make amounts. Start by watching the video below and I will show you what I want you to do. If you have some coins at home, you might find it helpful to use them when you are completing the tasks.

After you have watched the video, look at the amounts below and write down what coins you could use to make the amount. Try and find two different ways to make each amount.


After you have done that, try and complete the activities on the sheet below. Please remember, you don’t need to write and copy the coins, I am happy for you just to write the amount and the answer.


We are going to be reading another extract from Dirty Bertie today. Watch the video below and answer the questions. The questions will be focused on VIPERS. Remind yourself what each letter stands for:

  • V = vocabulary
  • I = inference
  • P = prediction
  • E = explanation
  • R = retrieval
  • S = sequencing


In PSHE today, we are going to be thinking about our own feelings and actions. Start your PSHE by watching the video below and make sure you sing along.

Start your PSHE by discussing the video above. Poppy is determined to have a fantastic day and she doesn’t want anything to get in her way. While you are watching, think about what could have gone wrong and think how did Poppy overcome it? When the snake was trying to eat her, what did she do? What happened when she got stuck in the egg? What happened when the Flytrap slammed shut?

We face lots of obstacles every day and we have to work hard to overcome them. We need to make sure we handle the situations correctly with the right attitudes.

Start by drawing a picture of everything that makes you feel happy in your life. What makes you smile? What makes you enjoy being you? What makes you excited to wake up everyday?

After you have done that, think about different things that might go wrong during your day. Then write them down in one colour and underneath write down how you can overcome it and not let it make you feel upset or angry. Look at my example below.

Image preview

Finally, listen to the song again and have a singalong, you could even create a dance to the song and perform it to your family. You could even get your family involved in the dance!

Well done Year 2!

Your work for today is complete. Remember to email me over the work you complete. If you need any help with anything, all you need to do is ask. I am still your teacher and it is still my job to make sure you are happy when learning.

Mrs Farrier

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