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Tuesday 26th January


Wow year 3! I was really impressed with your home learning yesterday. Let’s keep working hard today.

Please check your emails throughout today. I will be sending out an email explaining more details about a new whole school learning platform to further assist communication between school and parents and celebrate your child’s successes.


10:00 Zoom meeting


Meeting ID: 956 8563 7997

Passcode: 4d4MKD

11:30 Zoom meeting


Meeting ID: 922 0282 7726

Passcode: 44ZKns

2:15 Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 929 8025 7859 Passcode:   k5xjZc


Mrs Porter’s spelling group

Spelling rule: suffix ly

suddenly, sweetly, anxiously, conscientiously, definitely, entirely, immediately, patiently, separately, strangely, sufficiently, suspiciously

Mrs Robinson’s spelling group

Spelling rule: c sound made with ch

choir, Christmas, chemistry, chemical, chorus,  chrysalis, chronic, architect, orchestra, technology, chrome, orchid

Today, I would like you to complete the activity rainbow words for your spellings like the example below.


Practice the joins below. Write a full line of each.



For the next few SPAG sessions we will be focussing on different types of words. Today we will be focussing on verbs.

Remember, a verb is an action word e.g. talk, jump, ran

  1. Write down the words from the list that are verbs.

shop, walk, beautiful, dashed, screamed, her, witch, slithered, vivid

2. Identify the verbs in the sentences below.

The door swung open and the dog barked loudly.

Quickly, Harry raced towards the river.

When he jumped into the water, Harry shivered.

Mary screamed loudly when the guard tried to grab her.

3. Identify the verb in each of the sentences below and replace it with a powerful verb.

Harry went to the shop.

Sarah ran across the road.

Emily looked out at the beautiful ocean.


Today, you will be creating a boxed up plan for your letter to a child in 2030.

Watch the video below, which will talk you through the steps you need to take to complete your work today.

Introduction -Why are you writing?
-What happened in 2020?
-Where are you living?
-What was the world doing?
Paragraph 1: What negative impact did it have on you?
– How did you feel when school closed?
-What were the rules you had to follow? -What did you miss during lockdown?
 -How did you all stay safe?
Paragraph 2:  How do you stay happy and positive during these times?
What made you happy during lockdown?
What activities did you do to keep yourself occupied?
Did you appreciate anything more?
Conclusion: Can you give a final piece of advice to a child living in 2030?
-Summarise your year
-Can you give any advice about living during a pandemic?


Maths Meeting
  1. Complete the following calculations:

2 x 5 =

7 x 5 =

9 x 5 =

11 x 5 =

5 x 5 =

3 x5 =

__ x 5 = 20

__ x 5 = 15

__ x 5 = 30

__ x 5 = 40

2. Can you write down the related multiplication and division facts for each calculation?

e.g. 7 x 5 = 35

      5 x 7 = 35

      35 divided by 5 = 7       35 divided by 7 = 5


3. Draw base 10 equipment to help you calculate the following questions.

684 – 50 =

753 – 30 =

742 – 30 =

742 – 20 =

Complete the number sentences:

753 – 30 =

864 – 20

785 – 50 =



Today, is our VIPERS session in reading. Read the text below. If you need some adult help with parts of it, that is fine.

VOCABULARY – Find a word in the fourth paragraph that means the same as ‘something that belongs to someone’.

INFERENCE – What time of day is it? How do you know?

PREDICTION – What will happen next in the story?

EXPLAIN – “Alarna grabbed a pair of slip-on shoes and raced out into the
hallway” Why has the author used the word raced in the sentence?


When did Alarna learn about earthquakes?

In what city does Alarna live?

SUMMARISE – Summarise how an earthquake is caused using the text to help you.


Today, I would like you to start the lesson by listening to Small People by Ziggy Marley. Ziggy Marley is the eldest son of Bob Marley, who we have been focussing on in music over the past few weeks.

  1. Discuss the following questions with an adult or someone in your household.
  2. Do you like the song?

It doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like a song or a piece of music. Think about the reasons why you do or don’t.

  • What can you hear?

How many singers can you hear?

Which instruments can you hear?

Is the tempo fast, slow or in between?

Is the music loud or quiet?

  • What style of music is it?
  • How has the song been put together?

How many verses?

How many times do you hear the chorus?

Activity 2: Listen to the music again and try and clap to the pulse of the song. Remember the pulse is a steady beat in the music that doesn’t change. It is like the heartbeat of the music.

Once you can hear the pulse, clap along with it.

Activity 3: Continue to learn to sing Three Little Birds. Do you have any instruments at home that you could use and play along to the pulse while you sing? If you don’t, you could use items from your home to make your own instruments e.g. a wooden spoon and a pan.


Warm up: Washing line

Move around an area and when one the commands below is given, cary out the movement:

• Trousers – sit on floor with legs stretched out in front of you, keeping them together and pointing your toes.
• Shorts – kneel down, keeping your back straight.
• Dress – stand up with legs outstretched.
• Washing machine – Jump up and down on the spot.
• Tumble dryer – spin around on the spot.
• Washing line – sway like you are being blown in the wind.

Today, I would like you to continue creating dances based on earthquakes. Today, you will be imagining that you have woken up and there is an earthquake, just like in our story in reading. I would like you to create a dance sequence based on this that includes the moves below:

• A jump
• A turn
• A quick movement
• A slow movement


Well done for completing today’s home learning. Now, it is time to enjoy a story. You can enjoy one from home or you may like to watch Michael Rosen perform his story ‘Chocolate Cake’ below.

Remember to send your work to year3@handale.rac.sch.uk

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