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SLC-Wednesday 20th January




Group 1

collision, confusion, conclusion, corrosion, division, erosion, exclusion, explosion, extension, inclusion, intrusion, invasion, occasion, persuasion, repulsion, revision, supervision, television, transfusion

Group 2

brightest, calmest, coldest, darkest, dullest, fastest, freshest, hardest, lightest, longest, oldest, quickest

Group 3

ate, hate, mate, rate, cane, pane, fade, made, same, cape, gape

Today’s task: I would like you to write your spelling in rainbow writing and then choose 5 words (different to yesterday) and use them in a sentence.


Today we will be looking at the phoneme ‘wh

Read the following words:

Can you think of any more words with the ‘wh’ sound in them? Make a list.

Choose 3 words and write them in a sentence.


Yesterday we looked at what a setting is. Today we are going to look at the settings from Rumpelstiltskin in more detail.

As you can see the story has different settings; a village, a castle, and a deep forest.

Today we are going to choose one of the settings and write a setting description. Watch the video below to see what I would like you to do for your task today.

English zoom meeting if you are needing extra support with today’s learning:

Meeting ID: 881 4971 3993

Password: 93ubP1



Maths meeting

Today we are moving onto the 4x table. I would like you to do exactly the same as you did yesterday but for the 4x table instead:

-Make a number square and colour in jumps of 4

-Write it out in order

-Write it out backwards

-Get someone at home to test you.

-Go on hit the button https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

Maths activity

Watch the video for today’s lesson:

Here are the questions I would like you to complete for today’s maths lesson.

Don’t forget, you can use a part whole model or a number line to help you check if your missing number is correct.

Maths zoom meeting for you to come along to if you are struggling with today’s lesson:

Meeting ID: 815 9173 0737

Password: 5GcZ7j



Group 1
  1. Why did he want to climb into the window display?
  2. What stopped him?
  3. What is meant by ‘a heavy heart’?
  4. What simile is used to describe it’s teeth?
  5. On the last page, which phrase shows that Tiger wasn’t happy?
  6. Predict what you think he will do next.

Group 2

  1. What is strange about Philippa?
  2. Why was Philippa asking Cam lots of questions do you think?

3. How do you think Cam feels?

4. The word NOW is printed in capitals, why is this?

Group 3

Can you draw a book cover like your story but for your own superhero.

e. g


Your posters for computing last week were fantastic to show the dangers/effects of cyberbullying. In PSHE we have been looking at when people are put up and down. This could also link to cyberbullying.

Today I would like you to create a little comic strip/story board. Draw pictures and write captions below each picture to show your story. Make sure you have the bullying problem in there and also how you dealt with it.

In case you didn’t see the video here it is again:

My Storyboard

Afternoon zoom meeting for you to pop along to if you are unsure of anything from this afternoon’s learning:

Meeting ID: 856 8839 6853

Password: taB6Ev



Last week you listened to a song called ‘Three little birds’ by Bob Marley.

This genre of music is Reggae. It originates from a country called Jamaica.

This week we are listening to another one of Bob Marley’s songs ‘Jamming’

Do you like the song?

What can you hear?

What do you think jamming means?

Now listen to Three Little Birds again:

How is it the same/different to ‘Three little birds’?

Story time

Today choose your favourite book from home and either you read it or get someone at home to read it. I would love to know which book you have chosen

Feedback from today’s learning

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