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Tuesday 26th January

Please check your emails throughout today. I will be sending out an email explaining more details about a new whole school learning platform to further assist communication between school and parents and celebrate your child's successes.


Break 10:45

Dinner 12:00

Don't forget the zoom meetings will be held at 10:15am, 11:30am and 2:00pm. Links are below each lesson if you need any support with the tasks set.


Group 1 (-ly)

blindly, wisely, correctly, properly, kindly, silently, friendly, quietly, suspiciously, sufficiently, strangely, separately, patiently, immediately, entirely, definitely, conscientiously, anxiously, sweetly, suddenly.

Group 2 (ow/ou)

proud, shout, mount, pounce, allowed, frown, cloud, blow, snow, glow, below.

Group 3 (oi/oy and ai/ay)

spoil, avoid, point, enjoy, destroy, plain, away, train, pray, play.

Task: Choose 5 spellings from your list and write them in a sentence. Make sure you underline the spelling which you are applying.


We have now looked at all Phase 5 sounds.

Let's have a look at the tricky words in Phase 5

Task: Copy these tricky words into your book. Write them in a way that you will remember them; colourful, fancy, capital letters - your choice!

Task: I would like you to draw a picture and hide the tricky words somewhere in the picture.


So, yesterday I said that we are going to be working on a project as a whole school. We talked about the train to impossible places and I asked you to create a collage of pictures and memories of things which have happened in 2020.

Letters are a great way of communicating and something which you can keep forever. Sadly, it is something we very rarely do anymore.

So, today we are going to use the information from your collage to write a letter to a child in 2030!

Watch the video for further information about today's task.

Task: To write a letter (draft)

Use this as a template to make a first draft of your letter.

Maths - Shape, Space and Measure

Maths Meeting

Please use your number bond knowledge to help you solve the following.

Choose appropriately, do not choose just because it will be easy!


Number bonds to 20Number bonds to 50Number bonds to 100
20 – 3 =
20 – 8 =
20 – 10 =
20 – 15 =
20 – 18 =
20 – 11 =
50 – 20 =
50 – 32 =
50 – 41 =
50 – 7 =
50 – 15 =
50 – 11 =
100 – 40 =
100 – 61 =
100 – 35 =
100 – 50 =
100 – 16 =
100 – 28 =

Maths Lesson

3D shapes are bulky, like they have been filled with air


TASK 3: Look at the following picture. Can you name the 3D shapes? Use the following labels:



Task: Look around your home and see what everyday objects you can find which are 3D shapes.

Make a table to show what you find.

Maths zoom link meeting for you to pop into if you are struggling with today's learning in maths.

Meeting ID: 815 9173 0737

Password: 5GcZ7j


I would like you to read the following pages of a book called

"The tale of two feathers"

  1. What was owl looking for?
  2. What do we call animals who come out at night and sleep all day?
  3. What type of bird is Nigel?
  4. How many birds are mentioned in the story.
  5. Make a list of all the animals you can see in the book.
  6. Otis Owl, Nabila Nightjar, Nigel Nightingale and Candance Corncrake all use alliteration in their name. Can you make a name up for the other animals you can see (and written down in question 5...e.g Freddy Frog
  7. Whose blue feather could it be? Draw a picture of the bird you think.

Extreme Earth - Earthquakes

So, yesterday we looked at Earthquakes. Some Earthquakes are stronger and more devastating than others! We found out what happens in an Earthquake and where they happen around the world.

If you DO NOT have a printer, try to roughly draw the map of the world first, it doesn't have to be perfect!!

Task: Draw Plate boundaries on the map.

Task: Dot the Earthquakes onto your map.

Task: Write a paragraph showing your understanding of plate boundaries and why earthquakes (and volcanoes) seem to appear along or near them.

Afternoon zoom meeting for you to come along to if you are struggling with any part of the lesson this afternoon.

Meeting ID: 856 8839 6853

Password: taB6Ev

Story Time

Did you guess the bird who lost the blue feather correctly?

Did you enjoy the story?

Feedback for learning today

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