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Monday 1st February 2021

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Welcome back to another week of online learning Year 4! We have made to to February! Keep working hard like I know you all can. You are doing so well. Keep sending your work at the end of the day.

Well done to those who are going on Spelling Shed. Our top spellers out of Year 4 are:

  1. Ronnie Berry
  2. Keira Mirow
  3. Kaiden W

This week is Mental Health week, we will be completing daily activities throughout the week and then on Friday we will be having a technology free day and celebrating rainbow day. Please check Marvellous Me to find out more information about this. Make sure you have signed up.

Spelling (15 minutes)

Good morning Year 4, today you have a new set of spellings.

Today’s spelling activity is Look, Cover, Write and Check. Please look at the word, cover it up and then have a go at spelling it. Once you have finished writing the word, check it! Please make sure you know the meanings of the word. Ask an adult, use a dictionary or research what the word means. 

Can you put it into a sentence verbally?

Does it have a suffix?

webbed begged stepped jetted slipped patted slapped grabbed tapped

beautician dietician magician musician optician physician politician technician mathematician electrician history reign famous century recent

PaG (15 minutes)

Today in PaG, we will be looking at temporal time connectives. Temporal time connectives are words or phrases which are used to tell a reader WHEN something is happening. Temporal connectives must go at the start of your sentence.

For your task today, I would like you to create a set instructions on how you created your breakfast. Think about it very carefully, if you miss a step, how will this affect your end result. What happens if your put your cereal in the bowl

Select the appropriate temporal connectives to create your instructions.

English (1 hour)

Today in English we are going to be completing an inference task. We have a mysterious character which our work will be based on over the week. Today you will be shown a range of items that relate to this person. You will have to use your inference skills to explain why they have this item? What is it used for? Why is this clue important?

Watch this video which will help you guess our mysterious character:

After you have collected all your clues, I would like you to create a character description. Who is this person?? Why does she have these items? I would like you to write me a character description on our unknown character. You need to use a range of sentence types, upper level adjectives and upper level verbs.

Once you have completed this, watch the following video…..

English Drop in

Topic: English drop in Year 4

Time: 10:00-10:30am


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: y4handale

Maths Meeting (15 minutes)

Maths (45 Minutes)

Today in maths, you will be recapping your skills on length before we continue onto perimeter. Today you will be adding and subtracting lengths in the following questions. This lesson will be practising your amazing skills.

Remember your key number facts:

10mm in 1cm 100cm in 1m 1000m in 1km

Adding lengths

Subtracting Lengths


Today in reading, I would like you to complete the inference task. The image shows a miniature dragon sitting on the edge of someones fingers. I want you to be creative with your answers.

  1. Where is it from?
  2. Why is it so small?
  3. Are there more like him?
  4. Where does he live?
  5. How will you look after it?
  6. Will you keep it a secret or tell someone?
  7. What is it called?
  8. Is it magic?  What magic can it do?


Today in science, you will be exploring evaporation. Last week we looked at water. We explored freezing, condensation, melting and evaporation.

Watch this video to explore our lesson:

Your task today is to complete an investigation. You will need to help your parents with their washing this afternoon! You are going to be investigating evaporation and testing the temperature which is best for the process to happen. Remember, evaporation is when a liquid turns into a water vapour. You need to put three items of clothing/towels in three different places. Hot, room temperature and cold. You need to investigate which is the fastest place for evaporation to happen. The water will be evaporated, when the clothes are dry.

Before you start the task, complete the investigation sheet. After you have finished, you will need to write up your findings.

What was the best place for evaporation to happen?

Afternoon Drop in

Topic: Afternoon Drop in Year 4

Time: 2:15pm-2:45pm


Meeting ID: 771 632 6699

Passcode: y4handale

End of Day

Well done year 4, you have completed another day of online learning. This Afternoon, I would like you to watch some deadly 60 on BBC. What interesting facts can you find about a certain animal?

Please try and upload your child’s work by completing the submission below. Please note, your child’s work will not be published on the website, it will be sent privately to the class teacher. Alternatively, if you have trouble uploading it below, please email the work over using the email address below.



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