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Friday 29th January

Welcome to Freaky Friday……..

As you know Mr Farrier has gone missing. Your job is to complete the work below and crack the codes. Mr Farrier is in an unknown country. You need to help him! When you have worked out where he is, send it in! Takes the letters from each clue and put them together to make the country’s name.

Mr Farrier is unavailable for zoom because he is missing. However, if you need help with your work, I am here to help so please still use zoom for support.

Mr Unknown.

SpellingEnglishEnglish Zoom Drop-inBreakMathsMaths Zoom Drop-inLunch
1:00pm1:30pm2:15pm – 3:00pm3:00pm
ReadingChild directed timeAfternoon Zoom Drop-in SessionStory Time

Zoom Drop-in Links

Mr Farrier’s English Zoom Meeting

Time: 10:00 – 10:30am


Meeting ID: 994 1240 0082

Passcode: year5

Mr Farrier’s Maths Zoom Meeting

Time: 11:30 – 12:00am


Meeting ID: 971 9522 2708

Passcode: year5

Mr Farrier’s Afternoon Zoom Meeting

Time: 2:15 – 3:00pm


Meeting ID: 978 6001 0732

Passcode: year5


Spelling Test –

Complete your spelling test as normal and send in your scores. You must try and get them all right. The more you get right, the easier you will find Mr Farrier.

enterprise, improvise, summarise, symbolise, turquoise, surprise, utilise, vandalise, exercise, compromise, advise, advertise, despise, franchise, televise, supervise, revise, disguise, devise, merchandise.

Mrs Robinson’s group – aloud, allow, past, passed, guessed, guest, their, there, they’re, morning, mourning, led, lead, steal, steel.

CLUE #1 –


Unscramble the word above. Once you have unscrambled it, use the second letter in that word to help you solve the country Mr Farrier is in. What is that letter? Write it down to help you solve where he is.


SPAG (15 minutes): Creating your own sentences using colons for a list.

Today, you are going to write your own sentences using colons for a list. Think about what you might buy from the shop, think about what animals could be at the zoo and think about what you might see in space if you travelled up in a rocket. Create 3 sentences and make sure the main clause would make sense on its own. If you need help, use the video we looked at on Wednesday.

CLUE #2 –

Solve this riddle.

What is in seasons, seconds, centuries and minutes but not in decades, years or days?

Once you have the answer, this will help you with solving the mystery.

Writing (45 minutes): HELP!

Breaking News: Mr Farrier has sent us a video. We might be able to help him. Watch the video, listen carefully and see what you have to do. He is in severe danger! You must act quick and give him all the information he needs!

CLUE #3 –

The third letter of the monster’s name is a letter which will help work out where Mr Farrier is. What is that letter? Write it down to help you solve where he is.


In maths today, you are going to see a set of code crackers, see if you can solve these challenges to help you with your mission to find Mr Farrier.

Maths Meeting: Recap cracker (15 minutes)

Clue #4 –

When you have worked out this answer, use the vowel in this word to help you solve where he is.

Maths: Crack the code (45 minutes)

You are going to continue with adding decimals. Work out the answers and then find the missing word.

Clue #5 –

When you have worked out this answer, use the last vowel in the word to help you solve where Mr Farrier is. You now have 5 letters, do you have any idea where he might be yet?


Listen to the riddle – Spend 20 minutes on this riddle, no longer. If you can’t get it, use the internet for help but no cheating before the time is up!

Clue #6 –

When you have worked out this answer, use the first letter in the answer to help you solve where Mr Farrier is. You now have 6 letters, you are very close!


Clue #7 –

Which letter are we focusing on? This is the last letter you need to solve the mystery. Put all of your letters together and work out which country Mr Farrier is in. Email him your answers. If he has over 10 correct emails, he will return to work on Monday.

Child directed time

Be Creative! This time is directed by you so please use it to create something which you can be proud of, this is entirely up to you. Whether you cook a meal or bake a cake, create a game or write a story, create something with using origami, improve your keepie uppies in the garden (not the house) or teach yourself something you didn’t know before this time. It is up to you but please ensure that you feedback and tell me what you have been up to and what the results were.  Then enjoy your weekend!

I am proud of your efforts.

Well done,

Mr Unknown.


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