Learning Together

An approach to improving primary school children's learning.

At Handale primary school we think it is important to work together! Our children have created videos to help explain mathematical concepts. We thought pupils, parents and teachers would find these videos useful.

The children were excited to create the videos and did so as part of their learning in class.

Children suggested that teachers could use the videos in lessons, parents could watch to help children with their homework and pupils might use as a tool to remind them of their learning.

At Handale we believe learning together to be:

  • An effective way to improve results
  • A fun way for children to understand skills
  • A great way for parent's to help with their child's learning

Children, parents and teachers: Working Together

At home and in school, everyone shares the goal of helping children learn and feel successful. Research has proven that when parents and teachers work together, everyone benefits. Children tend to attain higher results, perform better on tests, attend school more regularly, have better behaviour and show more positive attitudes towards themselves and towards school.

This section of the website aims to provide parents with information and effective resources to use in the home to support their children’s learning. It aims to give parents a better understanding of strategies used within school.

If parents have any questions, please to do not hesitate to come and talk to the teaching staff.